Please only download Bible versions that you actually plan to use, I know it's very tempting just to grab the lot but I have to pay for that bandwidth...

Anyway, moaning aside, here are the most recent versions of all the relevant files, make sure you read the installation instructions either in the readme file that comes in the Logos install or on this site, and if you have any problems the contact page has all my contact details so feel free to get in touch

logos-2.05.exeLatest Logos installation file
asv.zipAmerican Standard Version
bbe.zipBible in Basic English
darby.zipDarby Translation
drb.zipDouay Rheims Bible
kjc.zipKing James Version, Clarified (New Testament only)
kjv.zipKing James Version
web.zipWorld English Bible
webster.zipWebster Translation
weymouth.zipWeymouth Translation (New Testament only)
ylt.zipYoungs Literal Translation

Previous versions:


One other thing, for my own benefit if you use my script, I would quite like to know, just to see how far my efforts have spread. If there is considerable interest in the script I'll probably be more inclined to work on updates for it as well.