To Do List
Code rewriting

there are sections of the current code, noteably the searching, that I'm not all that happy with at the moment, and at some point I will try to redo these areas, this will be a fairly major update though, and won't be any time soon.

Bible Texts

I'm always on the lookout for more Bible texts, the only condition is that they have to be in the public domain so that I can distribute them legally.

If you have access to the full text for a public domain Bible that I do not currently have (you can find a list of the current version on either website) then I would love for you to get in touch with me so I can expand Logos to as many Bible versions as possible.

Text searching:

AND OR searching e.g.
!kjv find David AND Saul
to find verses which mention David and Saul

!kjv find Sheep OR Lamb
to find verses which mention either Sheep or Lamb, but not necessarily both.

More control over the searching abilities

Ability to disable searching, or limit it to specific areas of the Bible (because you might not want people freezing your mIRC all the time with searches)

Workaround for searching for book names e.g.
!kjv find Ezra
this doesn't currently work, but will do in future versions.

Book abbreviations:

Improve these, as the abbreviations supported are currently limited

Dialogs (menus)

More control over the script requires more and better dialogs to be added