Version history
  • script edit: changed the Bible install so that it will accept an OT only Bible (for my lovely Jewish friends!)
  • bug fix: fixed the install etc. to work properly with mIRC 6.3+
  • dialog edit: minor change to the main dialog.
  • file update: all files updated because of the new website being fully functional at long last.
  • bug fix: Sometimes Bibles didn't activate after you installed them
  • script edit: The Bible install script works differently now, and allows for New Testament only Bibles.
  • dialog edit: Items in skin section renamed to make it more clear what they are.
  • This version has produced some major changes, but I'm not very organised so I probably haven't listed them all, I will endeavour to keep the version history more accurately in the future, I promise!
  • The name Logos is introduced, hurrah!
  • file update: LogosReadme.txt rewritten due to major script updates, hopefully it's layed out better now too
  • file update: all Bibles now come with an info.txt file
  • file update: mUnzip.dll, colours.jpg and spider.jpg added to zip file
  • file update: script file now released as self extracting archive. (meaning you don't need any zip programs at all)
  • dialog edit: Information dialog created
  • dialog edit: Dialog for skinning completed
  • dialog edit: Dialog for Bible installation and information completed
  • dialog edit: Bibles can be disabled now
  • script edit: on LOAD stuff updated to include new dll and images
  • script edit: !versions command added
  • script edit: the code now checks for installed (and active) Bibles instead of the files themselves
  • script edit: Skinning introduced
  • script edit: Bible installation code implemented
  • script edit: new default colour scheme (the old scheme used white text which didn't show up in some java clients
  • bug fix: lamentations didn't work before, it does now
  • file update: as of now the niv version of deuteronomy works, it didn't before. (although this Bible is not public domain, so I can't distribute it.)
  • script edit: some trivia script had crept in, it has been removed. (this script wasn't originally meant to be standalone)
  • script edit: the on load command has been updated
  • file update: bibles.ini added to .rar and removed from script.
  • file update: I'm now writing this versions file to keep track of myself :-)
  • working version released
  • I got the script working, still a little buggy in places though and lacking in features.