Simple Trivia

a simple Trivia script, not too much to ask you might think, but for all my searching the best script I could find was Trivbot2001.

I'm a big trivia fan, and I wanted to be able to run my own trivia, but all of the scripts I tried were either featureless or far too complicated (meaning I couldn't get them to work). So I decided I would just have to write my own, which is what Simple Trivia is.

So far the core script is working nicely, although I'm still trying to work out the best format for question files. The script works to my satisfaction, but it isn't very simple at the moment, there are no user controls yet so you need to know what all the text commands are to change things.

I've written up a basic to-do list of things I'm going to implement before I release the script, but there are plenty of other features that I want to put in as well as the basics, which will all follow eventually.