Simple Trivia Screenshots

Anyone can start the trivia, although this may be an option you can set to ops only or only users with access to the script (I'm not sure about this though)

A basic question, upon answering it gives you a little info on how well that player is doing.

Three hints are offered, the first tells you how many letters in each word, the second the first letter of each word, and the third gives you all of the vowels as well.

Stopping the trivia mid question won't interfere with play too much, as it waits until the end of the question until actually stopping.

The trivia will stop if 5 questions are unanswered in a row, this will be an option you can change or turn off completely.

The top 10 players this week (or ever if you choose not to reset each week). Top20 may also be implemented

You can request your own score, or someone elses.

Two records are stored at the moment, longest streak and fastest answer, best weekly score ever is a possibility too.

The question editor, which is now complete. It lets you add, remove and change questions easily from each question file, and also add remove and create new question files:

The question editor in action:

Adding a new question file is really simple too: