1. IMPORTANT: You must have mIRC installed to a directory without spaces. e.g.
    is ok

    C:\programs files\mirc\
    will not work

    If you are unsure, c:\mirc\ is the recommended directory.

  2. Run the logos.exe file and select your mIRC directory as the destination for the files. (if you selected a different destination move all of the files into your mIRC directory)

  3. Now open up mIRC and type in the status window:
    /load -rs C:\mIRC\logos.mrc
    Where C:\mIRC\ is your mIRC directory.

  4. You will be informed that the script has initialisation commands to run, you must allow it to do this. You should be promped twice, click yes on both prompts.

  5. Logos is now installed, to check this go to the Commands file menu and you should see a new option at the bottom of this menu called Logos. selecting this will bring up the Logos menu.

  1. First you must have downloaded a Bible .zip file, you can get them from:
  2. These Bible files are in .zip format and are named by the Bible acronym e.g.
    the King James Version is called

  3. IMPORTANT: You must put the Bible .zip file in a folder without spaces. e.g.
    is ok

    C:\my downloaded files\
    will not work

    If you are unsure, move the Bible .zip into your mIRC directory, if the script works, then the mIRC directory is OK.

  4. Once you have downloaded a Bible .zip file open up the Logos menu by selecting Logos from the Commands file menu at the top of the mIRC window.

  5. Select the Bibles tab

  6. You should see a list of the currently installed Bibles, if you have not installed any Bibles yet this list will be empty.

  7. Click the button labeled "Install New Bible"

  8. Now locate the Bible .zip file you downloaded and click the "Install Bible" button

  9. The Bible will be installed, don't worry if mIRC stops responding for a few seconds during this process.

  10. If the Bible installed successfully you will now see it in the Bible list, and there will be a confirmation message in the info box telling you that it installed successfully.

  11. If the Bible failed to install, an error message will appear in the info box, in this case check you selected the correct .zip file, and check that it is a Bible .zip file designed for this script, then try again.

  12. If the install still fails then please contact me with details of what Bible version you were attempting to install, your mIRC directory, and anything else you feel is relevant. (contact details below)